Student Education Loan

Student Education Loans

Going abroad for higher studies? Wondering how you fund your studies? Found the perfect course for you? Whatever your reason for wanting to study abroad, here at Bhavna's Coaching we understand that quality education is a must. Therefore, we have partnered with some of the most trusted financial institutions in India to offer our students a one-stop solution for education loans that will assist in making their journey towards a better future, convenient and simple.

What does an education loan cover?

It covers the basic course fee and some (not all) other related expenses such as accommodation, exam, and other miscellaneous charges

Who can apply for the loan?

A student is the main borrower. A parent, spouse or sibling can be the co-applicant.

Whom is the loan offered to?

It is offered to students who want to study and pursue higher education overseas. The maximum amount offered for studies vary from one bank to another.

Eligibility and documents required

To apply for the loan, one must be an Indian citizen, having secured an admission into a college/university recognised by a competent authority abroad. The applicant must have completed his higher secondary level schooling. Just ask our friendly counsellor to help you with Student Education Loan!

Money transfers

Money transfers are a necessity for most international students. But there are so many options, it can be confusing. If you don’t want to worry about direct bank transfers with high exchange rates, or if you don’t want to pay by credit card, we have the solution.

Why do I need it?

Money transfers are a fast and convenient way to securely pay for tuition, living expenses, and accommodation. Plus all the fun stuff, like travel and entertainment!

For your study expenses, funds from your home country can be paid in local currency and transferred in your destination country currency to each recipient, such as your university or accommodation provider.

For some countries, your living expenses can be transferred directly into your bank account – in your local currency. You can withdraw your money at ATMs when you reach.


We can help you with all your foreign currency transactions. Finding the right trustworthy foreign currency exchanger can be a tough task if you don’t know anyone personally. We help you convert your currency to that of the country you are heading to with absolute ease. This makes sure that you have some cash on hand to pay your fees and do other transactions smoothly and simply. It is also essential that you keep your bank account credited with a specific sum of the required currency. We follow a standardized system of foreign exchange in an effort to make all your monetary dealings easy. Our priority is simple, we want to make every step of the immigration process simple for our clients. Having Rao Consultants convert your currency makes the receiving of money absolutely problem free. We make your convenience our top priority.